Free Value Videos For You
Here are videos that where you will learn the general outline and different tricks and strategies I use to get lots of phone daily I flip on eBay for BIG profits
The Single Easiest Way To Make $10,000 A Month On eBay
1 Question To Ask Customer That Will Make You $50-100 More When Getting Phones
What To Do If You Don't Feel Like Getting Phones 1 Day
What To Do If The Town You Live In Doesn't Have Enough People / What To Do If The Town You Live In Has To Many People Flipping Phones Already
What Is The Script & How It Can Help You Get More Phones While Working Less
The Subtle Communication That Happens Underneath Every Message Conversation That Can Never Be Seen But Effects EVERYTHING
Treat Your eBay Business Like A Business Or Go Push Carts At Walmart
All good sales people do this REAL well
I'm in a strangers car in the ghetto and he tries to sell me a fake phone
Don't ever say this when getting phones from customers
Make An Offer On EVERY lead - COMMON NOW
How To Control Your Thinking & Think Outside The Box
It's better to be fake and get the things you want, then be real and your authentic self and lose
Don't believe me? I prove it to you in this video, and show you how it directly relates to you having the success you want flipping phones on eBay
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