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Unlimited Lifetime Access To Phone Flipping University - The Premium Package, includes:
UPDATE: I removed the other packages this is the only package offered now. It includes everything described in the previous video EXCEPT instead of 31 days direct access to me it now comes with 2, hour long live group coaching calls where twice a week I get on with you and other members inside Phone Flipping University and answer any questions you guys have. This is included for a minimum of 3 months.  There is no more direct access to me just because there are almost 100 members inside this university now and I can't handle personal messages anymore. The price has been changed to $997.00 as well and I will be raising it again shortly. 

20+ hours of over the shoulder video's where you will learn:

- How to tell if a phone is unlocked

- Advanced phone appraisel tips (along with how to figure out exactly what to pay for a phone even if it has a weird issue and there is nothing to compare it with)

- The basics and overall structure of how flipping phones on eBay works

- Craigslist ad templates, and direct access to my trained assistant who posts and guarantees 14 live 
none ghosted ads a day on craigslist (you can hire him and use him too)

- Facebook groups: how to find almost all the Facebook groups in your city to join, how often to post in the groups so you get enough exposure but don't get blocked from Facebook, and over 100 done for you high converting ad images you can use

-Facebook market place and apps training: along with over 300 high quality images you can use and the exact ad templates you can copy and paste

- what to do if your ads start to get ghosted or blocked on any platform.
how to create ads that will get you leads for weeks instead of just a few days

- The Script: A copy and paste done for your messaging script you can use to get phones 100% through messaging. simply copy and paste the lines in the script and see amazing results (plus an hour and 20 minute video explaining the script)

- How to find wholesale websites to buy items from in bulk - and get 2 approved wholesale websites that have great items you can use to buy from in bulk to flip on eBay for super solid profits.

- How to go from 10K a month to 20K a month (the things that took you to 10K a month WILL not get you to 20K a month. You need to implement some strategy, do things a little differently and take slightly different more advanced action)

- This package comes with an hour 1-1 private coaching call with me, Aaron Goldsten where I'll answer any questions you have
The Basic Introductory Program, includes:

We are no longer offering this package - we only offer Phone Flipping University now
eThe Premium Package, includes:
We are no longer offering this package - we only offer Phone Flipping University now
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